StillFlutter (II)

Butterflies have overrun our town. Gigantic, multi-hued and flesh-eating. We’ve never seen so many butterflies here before. They’re everywhere—on the streets, roofs, cars and trees. Anyone who was caught on the streets when they came swarming in was devoured.

Quiet Madness
Decomposed Theater (Teatru descompus sau omul pubelă)
by Matéi Visniec

Created using Mental Canvas
Background music: Infinite Love by Emilie Mosseri


Independent Project

Mental Canvas

World-Building and Character Design
  • Multi-hued butterfly with threatening mouthparts

  • Snail that fastens the speed of time with its slime

  • Post-industrial city with references to Soviet architecture

Tangible Experiment of this Concept Design

StillFlutter (II): an interactive tangible interface that calls for viewer’s attention on the concept of speed. Recent developments of technology prompts users to engage in fast-paced information flow and shorter attention span. When human interacts with elements in nature, the “normal” speed that we are used to might be aggressive from natural perspectives. As the butterfly flutters its wings anxiously, it is only possible for it to calm down if it is approached at a slow enough motion. This work strives to call attention to slow technology in this fast-forwarding digital life. While many interactions require speed and hands-eye coordination, StillFlutter challenges our capacity of observation and patience.